Special characters and editing

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    Ok, this is bugging me again, so I'll say something!

    Procedure (on WinXP and Opera7):

    (1) Write a post with a special character, like θ.

    The character displays fine on the page.

    (2) Edit that post.

    The character appears fine in my text box.

    (3) Save changes.

    The character appears as a '?' on the page.

    Suggested solution: if possible, replace the special characters with their original incantation, I.E. θ with & theta ;, when you populate the "Edit Post" page.
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    Ah, yes, this is the same problem we had back in an earlier version of PF. The edits I made to the code to fix this problem were overwritten when we upgraded to 3.03. I have a number of bug fixes I need to do, I'll add this to the list.

    - Warren
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