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Special Conformal Transformations

  1. Mar 3, 2009 #1

    In conformal geometry there is a 15-parameter symmetry group.

    I have an rough conceptual understanding of the 3 spatial translations, the 1 temporal translation, the 3 rotations, the 3 Lorentz "boosts", and the 1 dilation transformation.

    I am having trouble conceptualizing the remaining 4 "special conformal transformations", which appear to be combinations of translations, rotations, and possibly something referred to as "inversion". Some have drawn a parallel to "accelerations"?

    If there are any math aficionados out there who can give me a more intuitive, conceptual, visual understanding of what is going on physically with these special conformal transformations, I would be eternally grateful.

    Maybe one approach might be to start with a homogeneous sphere and say: "Ok, when we subject the sphere to a SCT, these physical processes happen to the sphere.

    Also, why are there specifically 4 SCTs?

    Any help would be welcome and the more different perspectives, the better.

    Yours in science
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