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Special Relativity angles

  1. Dec 16, 2007 #1
    Please help me understand better
    A person in space is moving in a flying saucer along the x-direction at (3/4)*c relative to Mars, shoots a laser pulse to another observer. The laser barrel gun makes 60o with the x-direction in the rest frame of the spaceship.
    At what angle, according to this observer, does the laser pulse move with respect to the x-direction?

    I mean if the pulse is sent directly to him then isn't the angle the same or there is no angle
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    Doc Al

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    Whether it's a gun barrel or a stick, the analysis is the same. In the rest frame, the barrel makes an angle of 60 degrees to the horizontal. What are the x and y components of the barrel's length? How do those components change when measured in the moving frame?
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