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[Special Relativity] Find frame K' in which events in K appear to be simultaneous

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Find a system K' in which the following events in frame K appear at the same time:

i) x1 = a; t1 = (2a) / c; y1 = 0; z1 = 0
ii) x2 = 2a; t2 = (3a) / (2c); y2 = 0; z2 = 0

Describe the motion of K'.

2. Relevant equations

Lorentz transformations; time dilation; length contraction..maybe?

3. The attempt at a solution

My scratch-work is too complicated to try and re-post here, but basically I have come to the conclusion I don't really know how to use the equations to describe the motion of K'. I need to describe the motion of K' in the direction along which the motion occurs, which is obviously the x-axis
What is the time of any event in K as seen in K'?
In K the event is seen as T0 = t2 - t1 = (3a / 2c) - (2a / c), and in K'.. um, T' = gamma*T0? If that's so then I don't know how to calculate this because gamma relies on velocity which is what I'm trying to find
No, it is not gamma*T0 in K'. What is the Lorentz transformation of the temporal coordinate?

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