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Special Relativity in a Periodic Universe

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    Im doing a project this yr on the title in the subject and i have been struggling to find imformation on this problem when using a PERIODIC universe. It would be very useful for me in anyone can post any links to websites/acrobat reader docs regarding this.

    I have found one where the unverse was modelled as a cylinder and the twin paradox used on it where twin A stays at home so travels straight up the cylinder and twin B travels around the cylinder and eventually crosses twin A's path. so anymore examples like this would be great

    Topics to be considered are:

    *How can special relativity be formulated in a universe in which a spatial dimension is periodic (ie cylinder)

    *twin paradox: What do the clocks of these two inertial observers show at each pass?

    *Two general inertial oberservers:

    *One inertial observer and light rays:

    Thanx in advance

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    I read a paper last summer which discussed the resolution of the Twin Paradox in a closed universe. It was in Am J. Phys (American Journal of Physics), but unfortunately I can't find the exact reference. It was also rather mathematically complex, so you may find it difficult to follow (depending on your level). The upshot of the paper, though, was that the TP was not a paradox again, due to certain ways which inertial frames were transported in the spacetime.
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    would that happen to be the 1990 edition one? - as i have seen that and was looking for more. I really look for stuff on the difference it makes to time dilation when having a closed universe.
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