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Special Request!

  1. Aug 4, 2008 #1
    So, to start off... My name is Neal, I'm 32, and a pharmacist. I'm an only child and my mother means the world to me, which is bad because her health is quickly diminishing. So I wanted to do something that could always connect me with her forever and this is where you guys come in...
    I can't have any crazy tattoos because of my profession, so the placement is going to be on my left wrist so that it can be small and hidden underneath my watch, but easily visible to me at any time. I've decided upon a math/physics equation, the language of science, instead of the typical "Mom" written in latin or english. My idea is that each letter in her name will correspond with the number that it is in the alphabet. So being Susan, the number will be 19, 21, 19, 1, and 14. 192,119,114. I've decided upon this because I am a man of science (not so much math or physics :/ ) and wanted something with depth. So, I'm asking for an equation, being math, physics, quantam, whatever.. to equal the number of 192,119,114. I know it's a huge request but I'm hoping you guys can pull through for me. The crazier the equation the better, as long as it equals the number 192,119,114 or Susan, the greatest woman alive.
    Thanks for you're consideration.
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    what? you can't be serious. why don't you just spend the money on a gift for her or take some time off and "spend" the time with her? like seriously can you be anymore insincere than getting a tatt.
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    Let f: {0,1,2} -> R be the function defined as follows:

    f(0) = 192
    f(1) = 119
    f(2) = 114
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    Wow, he wants to mark some part of his body for his dying mom so he will always have some part of her with him in spirit.
    and you guys were complete **** about it

    Neal, I think that what you are doing is awesome.

    Since you said that you're not actually much of a math guy, I wonder why you want a math formula though. Though I know it's hard to think about, it might be more meaningful to you in a few years if you'd get something that has more of a personal connection to you or to her.
    You've probably given this a lot of thought though.

    Sorry, I don't have any formulas to help you out, but good luck.
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    OK here's my lame effort. Don't even ask me what it's trying to achieve.

    [tex]24^6 + 10^6 + 5^6 + 2^9 + 1 = 192119114[/tex]
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    You're a pharmacist.

    What about, rather than a math formula, a chemical formula?

    Potassium, Scandium, Potassium, Hydrogen, Silicon : elements 19,21,19,1,14


    S Sulphur
    U Uranium
    Sn Tin

    Or a fictional molecule:

    (drat, there's no http://www.webelements.com/" [Broken]Sa or A or An)

    But you could spell her name backwards:
    Nitrogen, Arsenic, Uranium, Sulphur = NAsUS
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  8. Aug 5, 2008 #7
    I've spent plenty of money on her since she put me through school, and she doesn't care about the money or gifts, and neither do I. I spend a lot of time of with her, I'm just worried that eventually my memories will fade and I want something on me to always respresent her and I even if I can't remember what that is sometime in the future.

    I'm doing a math formula because I want something that few people can figure out by just looking at it, and she teaches math. I'd ask her but she is too much out of it for help. I had thought of the chemistry thing, and I like it a lot, but I'd prefer a math equation. K,Sc,K, etc was actually one of my first thoughts and I might go with that since coming up with an equation is a tall order to fill. Maybe getting a tattoo is childish, but I have thought a LONG time over this and it is a big deal for me cause I have no piercings or tattoos currently. Thanks again for the people that are considering this.

  9. Aug 5, 2008 #8


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    I'm going to leave the good formulae to others, since it's not my area. I'll try some things with the smaller numbers, in case you find something you like.

    Let's see, 19, 21, 19, 1, and 14.

    I see a one, a prime number (twice) and two multiplies of seven.
  10. Aug 8, 2008 #9
    i dont know if this is any good but
    34*x^2 - 175*x + 333

    will yeild 192,119,114 for x= 1,2,3 respectivly

    thanks to excel,^

    i'm thinking maybe you'd like some function where your name is transformed to some number as is your mothers and that the function transforms your name to you mothers or your mothers name to yours?
  11. Aug 19, 2008 #10
    ^ not quite sure I understand what you mean with the function phlegmy?
  12. Aug 19, 2008 #11


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    Phlegmy's function has no significance other than the fact that it spits out your three numbers. (Though it is of binomial form ax^2 + bx + c. Nicely done Phlegmy.)

    When x=1, phlegmy's fn spits out 192
    When x=2, phlegmy's fn spits out 119
    When x=3, phlegmy's fn spits out 114
  13. Aug 19, 2008 #12
    Note that my function had the same properties.
  14. Aug 19, 2008 #13


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    Oh, I see what he/you are saying.

    Phlegmy is suggesting you might like a formula that does this:

    Input Susan and the function outputs your name.
    Input your name and the function outputs Susan.
    (Except as numbers.)
  15. Aug 22, 2008 #14
    Neal - what is your moms birthdate? Maybe we can come up with a formula that results in 192,119,114 when her birthdate is the input.
  16. Aug 26, 2008 #15
    Wow trying to find formula to remember your mom.Come on you will never forget your mom.Just be with her and have fun.and also who knows you will be the first one who leave this creazy world.
  17. Aug 26, 2008 #16


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    This doesn't really address the OP's request. Effectively, it attempts to invalidate it.

    We presume the OP is the best (and only) one to judge how he wishes to honour his mother.
  18. Aug 27, 2008 #17
    The function would have to be invertible then, come on, is it possible that the great powers that be online on PF cant find a solution to this problem?
  19. Aug 27, 2008 #18
    I expected at least a little negative feedback, so I don't mind it. To all of those people, I have done everything that I ever could/can for my mom and I have thought about this for a long time. She has spent the last part of her life doing nothing but exactly what she has wanted to be doing and now this is what I want. So let it be.

    I realize it is a hard and weird request so thanks again for the continued help. I'll reply individually to stuff later.
  20. Aug 29, 2008 #19

    Gib Z

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    [tex]f(x) = 192264226 - x [/tex] gives 192119114 (Susan) when x = 145112 (Neal), and 145112 when x = 192119114.

    I personally like uart's one best though.

    Perhaps it would be better if we wrote it as [tex] x+ f(x) = 192264226[/tex] and uart could find us some other clever expression of the RHS ?
  21. Aug 29, 2008 #20
    I know the OP is the only one to judge how he wishe and also accept our answer.I am just giving sentiment, about the OP question.not to invalidate /nullify it.
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