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Special Steel Material ERCO

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    Hello, Am looking for special steel material ERCO, Which is use in spring manufacturing. Any one have idea about this. If any one have then kindly let me know.

    I do not have datasheet or any physical or chemical properties.
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    I have never heard of ERCO steel and I can't find mention of it in any of the usual references .

    There is an ERxxxx specification for special purpose welding rods but that doesn't help us much .

    ERCO may just be a trade name .

    Tell us what you actually want the steel for - there are many specifications for spring steel and it will be easy enough to find one to suit your application .
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    If you know who manufactures this steel then what is the problem ? Just send them an Email .
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    yes i have try to get datasheet for mechnical properties but not getting, That is why i have post here
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