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Special teoryof relativity

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    Why events are not simultaneous in every inertial reference frame?


    Why is the speed of light constant?
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    Can someone answer my questions, please?
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    Hi DanicaK! :smile:

    These are elementary rules of Special Relativity.

    Which book are you working from?

    Which part do you not understand?
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    I know they are elementary rules in the special theory of relativity. Yes I asked such a stupid question about the speed of light. But in my book from Zambak publication there is not good explenation why are the events not stimultanous in every inertial reference frame.
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    author? title? :smile:
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    Musa Baş, Halit Cokşun, Murat Baycan :D
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    Modern physics - title.
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    oh, is it in Turkish? :smile:

    there's lots of free online books on relativity …

    do a google search for "special relativity", then click on "Books" in the drop-down menu from "more" at the top of the google page :wink:
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    No one knows why the speed of light is a constant....but it seems experiments have confirmed Einstein's theory that is IS constant....and finite....

    Try reading here for the relatiovity of simultaneity

    and be sure to read the LADDER PARADOX...

    Things at different points in space, not colocated, are relative because only light is constant, distance and time are RELATIVE, that is, not fixed....so different observers in general do not agree on distances and times....Another way to interpret this is that while Newton saw the distance between earth and the sun,say, as a fixed observable, relativity concludes that different observers will measure different distances....
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