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Specialist who said the doctor was wrong

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    okay so I went to this doctor who was like "You should see a specialist" I went to a specialist who said the doctor was wrong.

    Okay long story short I'm young (not old) but I have some loose skin in an uncomfortable place kind of. I know they can tighten loose skin (Eg on the face) with botox and stuff. Could I have this loose skin tightened with something like that? Because I can't have surgery to fix it, as that could lead to infections...I mean, I could have surgery to fix it but I was looking into other ways it could be fixed which is why I was wondering about tightening the skin somehow eg through botox. And obviously, I want to get the loose skin fixed/dealt with, since it's annoying me.

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    Botox relaxes muscles, so that wrinkles made by facial expressions will fade. It does not tighten skin.
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    Is there anything that does tighten skin? (Like Botox or something)

    Isn't wrinkly skin kind of like loose skin?
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    Some wrinkles are loose skin, but Botox doesn't fix that kind of wrinkle. It's more for the creases formed from things like smiling or frowning, not those wrinkles that come from weight loss or aging.

    The only way I know of to tighten loose skin are 1) time - if it is the result of quick weight loss or something else that left the skin stretched, and you're young enough, the skin should eventually bounce back on it's own; 2) surgery - surgery always comes with real risks, so consider this very cautiously if it is only for cosmetic reasons.
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    how much time will it take (If you're about 20 years old, etc) for the skin to bounce back on it's own?

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    1] What did the specilaist mean by saying your doc was wrong? Does the specialist think you don't need tightening?
    2] What is the specialist's suggestion for you?
    3] Why don't you tell us what your trouble is? We're grown ups, and you're anonymous.
    4] Are you looking for a temp fix (such as Botox) or a permanent one?
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    I'm looking for a temporary solution or a permanent one
    I just don't want the loose skin for a variety of reasons, and so I want to have it tightened or lasered away somehow...however, lasering it might cause complications, so I'm going to find out about that before doing it.

    The doctor I went to was just really stupid. He said it was a scarred swollen gland when it was just loose skin. That's why the specialist said the doctor I went to (Which wasn't my normal doctor) was wrong.

    Anyways lol if you're all grown-ups why was my thread, with a legitimate biology-related question about the vagina, deleted, and then my thread asking why that thread was deleted deleted without any answer as to why the original thread was deleted in it?
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    Maybe Preperation HTM? OK, I just read what I wrote and it sounds like a joke, so let me say, "I am not joking". People put hemeroid treatments on their face when they have bags under their eyes, and I'm told it really works. The purpose of Prep-H is to shrink tissue, and it isn't picky about the type of tissue to which it is applied. Put it wherever the problem "excess skin" is, and maybe it will shrink it up a bit.

    Now, I hope you will exercise some caution (ask your doctor; check "Web MD" or something), because I'm terrified of the thought that I just gave you an idea and you're going to act on it and some unforeseen ill effect will result. However, if this stuff is safe to put to its "intended use", and people have put it right near their eyes without coming to harm, it must be fairly safe.
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    Thanks :) I'll ask my doctor about that tommorow, since I have an appointment to see her tommorow
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    I thought as much. BTW, this is quite a common condition, much more common than you might think - most women don't bother treating it. I hope you're not treating it merely for aesthetic reasons, unless it's really troubling you.
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