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Specialization Fields in Automotive Engineering?

  1. Jul 24, 2013 #1
    Hi there, I've finished my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and plan on doing my masters in Automotive Engineering. Although I'm interested in the general working of automobiles, I'm quite aware that it is a really vast field and that for me to have a chance in securing a job in this field, some sort of specialization would be required.

    Now, I do find myself oriented towards Mechatronics and computational & simulation related work (Solidworks, AutoCAD, ANSYSY, etc). However, I realize that I don't know much about other fields within Automobile Engineering and would like to keep my options open. I've tried searching online but have only received vague answers like powertrain components, thermodynamics, ABS, etc. So if someone could kindly provide me with information regarding its various specialization fields, it would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm asking for something quite broad and vague, since automotive engineering consists of various disciplines, so any form of answer would be helpful.

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