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Specialization of diversification?

  1. Feb 14, 2010 #1
    At my school, we have the option of specializing when we do Mech E of Aearonautics (specialize in dynamics, robotics, mechatronics etc...)

    I was wondering, if I want the best chances for employment, is it better to specialize more? or should I try to diversify my experience .

    For example, I could take the bare minimum requirements for MechE, and then instead of taking grad-level classes in MechE (like nonlinear dynamics etc...), I could take a focus in another field. The different concentrations could be:

    - software (a few courses in software engineering/robotics)
    - EE : 2 courses in signals&systems, signal processing, 2-3 courses in circuits&microelectrics&RFciruits and 2-3 courses in controls.
    - Management: get a minor in management.

    So, is it better to specialize? or to diversify? Please give me your opinion!
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