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Species of animals in an area

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    Does anyone know a site that shows what species of any animal is in an area. Ideally one that would picks states, countries, or zip codes. I'm just interested in knowing about what animals are around me and identifying them. Thanks in advance.
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    You can find many maps, do a google search on terrestrial ecosystem mapping, wildlife mapping, species mapping, etc...

    Here's one to give you a start.


    You select an area then use the "species finder" tool at the right of the map. You can drill down to a pretty specific area, including zip codes.

    Here is an example searching on San Diego, CA.

    http://www.worldwildlife.org/wildfinder/searchByPlace.cfm?fPlace=san%20Diego&place=San%20Diego,%20California,%20United%20States&x=-117.156&y=32.709&minx=-117.2822&miny=32.5349&maxx=-116.9082&maxy=33.1143# [Broken]

    The images link to each species is pretty cool.
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    Thank you very much. That is definitely a good start and now I know some terminology.

    Does this list not include insects? I can't seem to find any.
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    My pleasure. You brought up an interesting search that many might find interesting
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    Wow, that's a cool site! I found the list for my area and exported it to Excel :cool: .
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    Insects will cost you extra. :smile:

    As I expected, most entymologists specialize so many of the websites with maps are listed by specific insects.

    Here is one starting place, although it does not have exactly what you want, some of the information is rather interesting. I'll keep looking.

    http://pests.ifas.ufl.edu/bestbugs/ [Broken]
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    That was fun, I need to spend a few days bird watching.
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