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Specific gravity

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    A body weighs 80N in air and 60N in water. a) what is the weight of the water displaced bythe body?
    b) The buoyant forces of water on the body
    c) The specific gravity if the body>
    d) The dnsity of the body in kg/m3 and g/cm3

    cant answer this.. please i need help ;) thanks!:confused:
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    for question c:

    F(in newtons)= mass x acceleration (in this case, gravity)

    for the first one, it is on land. on land, the acceleration(gravity) is always 9.8m/s^2

    so you can find the mass of the object

    80= m x 9.8

    now that you have the mass of the object, find the gravity for the object in the water

    60N= m x g(the variable you are trying to find)
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    The idea of the forum is that you post the question,together with any working or thoughts that you have. We will then help you by pushing you in the right direction. The purpose of the forum is not to provide answers but to help you find the answers.
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