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Specific heat and calorimetry

hi guys! need a little help with some questions.

we just did an experiment on determining a specific heat of a metal by the method of mixture. if any of you are familiar with this, your help would be very much appreciated.

1. How would the computed specific of the object be affected if some boiling water was carried over with the metal?

**I'm guessing that the specific heat would be lower because i'm thinking that since water has a high specific heat, temperature change wouldn't be that high. Am i right on this one?**

2. While a person is exercising, 0.6 kg of blood flows to the surface of the body and releases 2000 joules of energy. The blood arriving at the surface has the temperature of the body interior, 37C. Assuming that the blood has the same specific heat as water, determine the temperature of the blood that leaves the surface and returns to the interior.

**Do I use the equation for themal capacity [Q=mc(Tf-Ti)]? I have absolutely no idea how to do this one! But I do know that the right answer is 36.2C. I got it from an old book, but it didn't show the solution.**

3. When you take a bath, how many kilograms of hot water (60C) and cold water (25C) must you mix so that the temperature of the bath is 40C? The total mass of water is 185 kg. Ignore heat flow between the water and its external surrounding.

**Another problem that I'm completely stumped with. Do I use the equation for thermal equilibrium here?**

I'm sorry....i'm just not paying that much attention to my professors...i mean, i love physics. but my profs are just so damn boring!

any help would be good, especially one that comes as soon as possible, seeing as i need it tomorrow afternoon...
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