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Homework Help: Specific Heat (Easy question)

  1. Sep 3, 2013 #1
    The portion highlighted in the paint document, is the only the specific heat for ice at -10 deg celc?

    What is the specific heat of ice in the interval of [-273.15,-10) and (10,0] (In deg celc) ??

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    Sorry I should make my self more clear. What is the specific heat of ice at a temperature T in that interval
    [-273.15,-10) and (10,0] (T is In deg celc) .
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    But it's dependent of the temperature

    [itex]C_p(ice,\,\,-15^o\,C) \neq C_p(ice,\,\,-25^o\,C)\neq C_p(ice,\,\,-35^o\,C) [/itex]

    Have you looked at the bottom table in the Appendix...

    to calculate exactly see here:

    maybe I have misunderstood you...
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