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Homework Help: Specific Heat Help

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    a.Determine the amount of energy to raise the temperature of 18 kg of carbon from -5^0C to 17^0C.

    B. 200g of a certain substance absorbs 7320 J of energy and experienced a temperature rise from 5^0C to 30^0C. By calcuating its "C" value, identify as near as possible, the unknown substance.

    delta t= 17-5=12^0C. M=18kg
    energy=cXmXdelta t
    709J/kg.K X 18kg X12K
    energy=3.28 KJ
    =3.3 X10^2?

    Im not sure what im doing. Need help
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    First seems fine , your same strategy needs to be applied to the second question.
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