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Specific Problem

  1. Mar 7, 2005 #1
    Guys i have got a kinda specific Problem.Everythig except my core subjects seem to interest me like Psychology,Sociology,Economics,Cosmology...once i sit at studying them i can spend hours and hours ...but when it comes to study my own core subjects like Physics,Maths i dont feel interest or my Focus remains a kind of weak...What i want to say...this thing happens with me that if i will take Psychology as my core subject my interest in it will minimize and if Physics or Mths are discarded as my core subjects then my interest in them will maximize automatically.....
    i really need to increase my Focus but could not really do it exactly..
    i hope u guys helps..
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    Don't be sad about that.I feel this is common to everybody.I too experienced the same problem when I was studying for Entrance examination.I used to read higher physics,but never liked to study examination topics.As a computer enginner in IIT you must be thorough with Maths and Physics.I will help you in future.Now a days,Physics cannot improve without Engineering.You will be outstanding in your career , if you know basic sciences well expecially Physics and Biology.So you try to study higher physics (out of syllabus).Then you will feel it intresting.

    Best wishes
    Thomas Mathew
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    Ineterst.......ahhh Somehow fades away
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