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Specific SW Carbon Nano Tube properties and databases

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    Hi, im doing a research project involving short single walled carbon nano tubes.

    Has research been done on the material properties of short SWCNT's that have been thermally bonded together?

    This is theoretically done by taking a few SWCNT's with each one overlapping the other (easiest done if you simply have a lump of them) and then applying enough heat to cause the CNT's to bond to each other. Similar to strands of plastic piled on top of each other and put in an oven where they bond together without completely melting.

    Im looking for the strength of the bonds joining these tubes and their overall conductivity after being joined together while being tested at room temperature.

    The diameter and length is not important at this time, but I do know it greatly affects the properties. Im looking for a way to bond SWCNT's together using heat while maintaining their strength and conductivity as a whole. They must also retain their tubular shape.

    Since this is not an ideal world I accept the existence of imperfections in the CNT's.

    I would greatly appreciate any links to publications or specific research on this topic. I have looked extensively but without success.
    Again, Thank you.

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