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Specific technical definitions of quantum terms

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    I feel that alot of the misunderstaing in quantum physics arises from the misinterpretations of terms used by physicists. I think that the forum should have a page where all the quantum terms are explained in a precise technical manner to avoid confusion. I will state pop culture's interpretation of several terms and then a physicists interpretation of those terms in order to dispell several sudo misconseptions about QM. Correct me if I get anything wrong.

    POP Culture
    Observer: A "conscious" observer causes a wave function collapse because of his/her consciousness.

    Observer: A non conscious measuring device that forces electron photon physical interactions which cause a wave function collapse.

    POP Culture
    Measurement: The act of obtainning information about the physical world where measuring does not affect what is being measured.

    Measurement: The act of obtaining information through physical interactions where those physical measurement interactions will cause either a negligible effect on the particle being observed or will fundamentaly change an aspect of the particle through the interactive physical measurment process.

    POP Culture
    Information: A set of numerical data obtained either written down or saved on a hard drive about either postions and/or momentum of quantum particles that is separately stored in a diffrent place than the location of the measuring device.

    Information: The physical interactions between electrons and photons where the position and/ or momentum of quantum particles can be mathematicly determined due to the observable results of these interactions. Information is not stored separetly from the measuring device but is instead a "real time" gathering of quantum particle data. The data obtained about quantum particles after the measuring device is turned off is not considered "information".

    POP Culture
    Erase: Erasing(deleting) the "information" after it has been separated from the measuring device and stored in a diffrent location without affecting the measuring device in any manner. A process where by "erasing" the "information" in a separate space time location than that of the measuring device forces the interferance pattern to reamerge magically.

    Erase: The process of applying a photon polarizing filter in real time to a measuring device where it separates photon's from electrons after a interferance pattern has collapsed resulting in the reapperance of the interferance pattern.

    POP Culture
    Uncertainty Principle: Due to mysterious and magical properties one cannot measure an electrons positon without making it impossible to measure its momentum and vice versa.

    Uncertainty Principle: When an photon with a short wavelength and high energy level hits an electron it can tell the location of that electron but its interaction will change the momentum of the electron. Wheras when the wave length of the photon is extended it loses energy and does not effect the momentum of the electron reaveling its speed but because the photon is so "light" it "goes through the electron" depriving the observer of the electrons location. It is noted that this process is a repeated statistical culmination of data that involves more than a single electron being bombarded by photons and

    "(that when a slit's width is reduced an explainable mechanical paradox occurs where instead of constraining an electrons quantum superpositions it in fact spreads the particles being detected that start expanding. In fact, the smaller you make the slit width, the larger the range of values for the electrons postion/momentum that you can detect. The "gaussian spread" now is becoming fatter and fatter forming a diffraction.)"?
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