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Spectra and explosions

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    Hi All,
    I am working on a sensitivity model for a short wave IR spectrometer. And I have come up to a few questions that I had never thought of before and that seem really interesting (and I still don't know the answers, so it'd be great if anyone had any insight!)
    Well, I need to look at an explosion (say powerful blackbody) and take an IR spectrum to detect few things. Now, the explosion itself is hot and luminous, so how do i detect the spectral lines I want? In short, how do you detect any spectral lines in such an environment?
    Thanks for any help...
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    Well, one can look at look at a blackbody radiator to look at the temperature (basis of optical pyrometer) and then look at particular (characteristic) emission lines from particular elements, based on the temperature determined from the optical pyrometer.
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