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Homework Help: Spectra Troubles

  1. Oct 14, 2005 #1
    Consider the Lyman photons for Hydrogen-like atoms with Z greater than one. Which of these atoms have Lyman alpha photons in the 1)visible 2)UV 3)X-ray and 4)gamma-ray parts of the spectrum? Can list ranges of values of Z in the answers.

    My thoughts are to use

    1/lambda= (-Ze^2/2ahc)(1/n^2-1/m^2) where a is the Bohr radius and n=2, m=1.

    I started by putting in the ranges i know for the different radiations ie) visible ranges from 4000 angstrom to 7000 angstrom, and solving for Z. I got results using this method that say that there are none in the visible range and for the UV, Z= 12 or under. Things are falling apart with the X-ray range which leads me to believe that there is a simpler method.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Note: i did make sure that everything was in the appropriate units.
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    I have tried working on this the last few days, but have been unable to decide what is going on. I know there must be an easy way to do this, but for some reason i am stuck. Any help? Thanks
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