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Spectral Analysis: alternatives to Fourier Transforms?

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    Could someone point me to some good material that relates to problems of (computational) spectral analysis? I understand FFT well enough, and although I'm not very good with math I'm willing to chew. What I'm seeking is some alternative approach to Fourier transformation (ie. from time-domain into dynamic frequency domain).

    I'm not even sure what exactly I'm after, for now I just want to learn all approaches that have been tried. I don't even know what to google for. FFT gives too much noise..

    thanks for pointers.
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    There's several 'kernels' you can pick. Popular ones are fourier transforms, laplace transforms and wavelet transforms.

    I suggest reading up on the latter
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    There's also Kramers-Kronig transforms.


    I did a couple years of FTIR spectroscopy, millimeter waves really, not IR. It is hard to beat.

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