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Spectral density

  1. Jun 20, 2005 #1
    Spectral density?

    How to get spectral density (e.g. of voltage noise) from a fast Fourier transform of a signal????
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    Are you doing this by hand or via some kind of software? A PSD is pretty much an equivilent to doing an RSS of the signal.

    If you contact Tom Irvine at VibrationData.com, he has some great papers and references on this subject.
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    i presume you mean power sprectrum or energy spectrum which is the Fourier Transform of the autocorrelation function. no?

    i think you want the magnitude square of the FFT (there's another scaling factor involved.). later i'll post a more exact relationship.

    gotta go.

    r b-j
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    I want to do it via Fortran 90 and I have main problem with this scaling factor.
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