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Homework Help: Spectrometer/ electrolytes

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    Ok so for the first part my questions I do not understand how to start it off.

    1. Calculate the concentration in molarity. 4.500 grams of CuSO4.2H2O is dissolved in water to make 250.0 mL solution. The concentration is labeled as M1.

    2. A student used 10.0 ml of M1 from problem# 1 and added water to make 25.00 mL of solution M2. Calculate the molarity of M2 ( use M1xV1=M2xV2).

    3. A student used 50.00 mL of M2 from problem #2 and added water to make 75.00 mL of solutionM3. Calculate the concentration of M3.

    1. Label the following compounds as strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes or nonelectrolytes.

    1. KNO3-?
    2. MgCl2-Strong
    3. AlBr3-?
    4. H2SO4-Strong
    5. HCl-Strong
    6. HNO3-Strong
    7. HF-Weak
    8. CH3COOH(acetic acid)-weak
    9. CH3CH2OH (ethanol)-Non-electrolytes
    10. Water-weak
    11. Glucose (C6H12O6)-?

    2. Which compounds are ions only in aqueous solutions?

    3. Which compounds are molecules only in aqueous solutions?

    4. Which compounds are both molecules and ions in aqueous solutions?

    Any help is appreciated and If i did some problems wrong please correct me.
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    My eyes hurt from trying, but I can't see any problem DONE.
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    Sorry about that, but no worries as I managed to do the problems myself.
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