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Spectrometer wanted

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    I'm designing my lab and so I want a spectrometer to investigate reaction kinetics eh.

    I am looking for a data logging spectrometer that can keep the reaction at constant temperature. My teacher is probably gonna buy it. Does anyone know what company makes good spectrometers? About a couple thousand dollars maybe. I dunno my prof's budget, but the school's rich.
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    What's your education level, and where are you going to build your lab? I would also be interested in hearing about some of the details of implementation. I'm not quite sure if it would be legal, however, be sure to adhere to the proper regulations of chemical disposal and the maintenance of chemicals, otherwise you may be facing a fine/jail time in the future.
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    NMR is a great way to do reaction kinetics if the rate of your reaction is compatable with the NMR time scale. Another good one is ReactIR, but that probably out of your price range (I think they are around $30,000), but I'm not positive of that. ReactIR is really only good if you have a nice IR peak to watch.
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