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Spectrometry-SiO2-need help

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    hi all
    its an RBS ( rutherford back scattering) experiment. a Si3N4 thin film deposit on a Si substrat. we make a spectrometry analysis, and we obtain the scattering yield spectrum.
    now back to chemistry, if we made an oxydation for this thin film while it deposite on the substrat, we'r gonna obtain a new thin film of: SiO2 or SiOxNy ? and why?

    i cant really solve this question. its really a chemistry question, maybe its about electronegativity of elements.
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    the new thin film obtained ( SiOxNy or SiO2 ) is deposite on the previous thin film Si3N4.
    to be clear, before oxydation : Si/ Si3N4
    after oxydation: Si/Si3N4/SiO2 or Si/Si3N4/SioxNy ?? and for which reason??
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    none know about this???
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    What are the conditions during oxidation? We need you to describe the oxidation process in more detail. Is this epitaxial oxidation on a previously grown nitride film? Also, we need a more complete description of the sample and its processing.

    Silicon nitride, in general is pretty resistant to oxidation up to moderate temperatures. Above many hundreds of degrees C, the primary mode of oxidation is grain boundary diffusion. Of course, this doesn't apply to thin films.
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    actually, we have first Si/Si3N4 ( substrat/thin film) . then the Si3N4 is deposed under a oxygen flux ( Epitaxial). then a new structure will shown, and thats depends for the duration of oxydation. the question is wer're gonna obtain which of the two structures mentioned below??
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    maybe im gonna scan the figure and depose it. is that possible to put figures in the forum??
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    Yes, it is possible. Click the "Go Advanced" option below the Quick Reply box, then click on "Manage Attachments" found below the Reply window (under Additional Options).
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    okay, i didnt scan it yet. tomorrow ill post it
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