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Spectroscopy and Applesauce

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    I was thinking of preparing applesauce for some type of spectroscopy( ex: Raman). I was thinking of testing it for arsenic. Does anyone have any idea what applesauce would dissolve in ( I realize this is more of a biology question).
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    You are putting things on the head. First, you have to decide what you are going to test for. Then, you select a method. Then, you select a way of preparing the sample. You don't start with "what solvent should I use if I don't know what and how I want to do".
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    Ok I'm testing for arsenic in applesauce. I was thinking of using SERS since that is the lab I'm working in right now. To reduce the noise, I thought I could make some homemade applesauce and subtract the spectra from the store bought applesauce. I'm not sure about the separation technique but I could probably dissolve the applesauce in some solvent and then use the solvent as a baseline ( though there might be too many compounds inside the mixture). Keep in mind I'm pretty inexperienced. Thanks a lot.
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    It's a good thought but you cannot guarantee that your apple doesn't have any arsenic compounds. Arsenic is not added to apples during applesauce production, is it?

    Are you trying to determine total arsenic (possibly meaningless from a toxicity POV) or you trying to 'speciate' arsenic in this sample?
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