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Spectrum of ligh star

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    i and my friend want to have spectrum of star.
    i need star light with high intensity to diffract this.
    unfortunately, we don't know how we can have a intense light?

    do you know how we can do this?
    in general, how can we have spectrum of light star?
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    The most convenient star for this purpose is our Sun.

    ( Prompt Blinding Danger: Do not look at Sun directly or through optics *unless* you have interposed an appropriate 'eclipse-grade' filter. Do not repeat mistake with other eye... ;-)

    Beyond that, you could try Sirius, but you may need a long exposure to coax a spectrum from your prism or diffraction grating, and you are unlikely to see 'lines'...
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    The best method I THINK would be to project the light through a prism or diffraction grating and onto a CCD camera or something similar. That way you can take a long exposure of the accumulation of light and possibly see it in the picture.
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