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Speculation is detracting true astrometry

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    Is it drowning astronomy, there are so many papers on dark matter, dark energy, but i wonder if all this speculation is detracting true astrometry
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    What do you mean by speculation and how are you distinguishing it from proper theory? There are plenty of perfectly valid dark energy and dark matter theories out there. Also, you should look up astrometry and make sure you understand the difference between that and astronomy.
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    if you look closely at arxiv, ADS etc, you will see that the majority of papers are not on dark matter and dark energy. How is it then that DM and DE are "drowning astronomy"??? Maybe you should do a little more research before you start being speculative.
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    Perhaps he's reffering to the popularity of those topics among the laity. If that's what grabs headlines, it can have an effect on funding and such.
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