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Speculation On Alien Life

  1. Dec 5, 2004 #1
    Speculation On Extra Solar Biology

    I think this could be an interesting thing to talk about, what could alien life really be like? Of course nothing like the stupidity shown in movies and on TV.
    To get this thread going I've provided a link to an unfinished world building project. http://www.eponaproject.com/

    Try to think of other forms that could evolve to where they create technology. There probably are bipeds out there but not humanoid bipeds, just like there are other bipeds on Earth.

    I propose this sentient creature. The Idatonian tri-squid has three tentacle arms that end in a "hand" of six fingers that are arranged radially. They are semiaquatic, having both gill and lung-like organs. They don't have bones but are able to walk on land like they have because they have a "skeleton" composed of erectile tissue. The advantage of this is they can both lift loads but can also fit through small holes like octopi. The four eyes are spherical compound and are on the ends of movable stalks; much like snails.
    They communicate via a combination of chromataphores, iridophores and rapid clicking noises. When underwater they can kill prey by blowing at high speed tori that contain poison ink. They have also evolved the ability to splice genes into organisms. They steal some cells from a lifeform they like the traits of, cut the genetic material with specialised enzymes and use a virus they are symbiotes with to inject the genes into new organisms.

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    What aspects of the planet would cause it to evolve like that. I personally think that insectile lifeforms have the greatest chance to survive. If insects ever developed an intellect, we'd all die very, very fast.
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    I was trying to think of how an aquatic species could evolve to create technology. The moon orbits a brown dwarf and is 80-90something% covered by water.

    The problem with that is big brains need a lot of oxygen. Insects can't be scaled up more than about a meter in height on land on Earth. They are to heavy to walk and the way they breath stops working at large scales. You can destroy B movie monsters with a little math and physics. I'm not sure how good book lungs are but maybe an large "insect" could evolve on an alien world that has half of Earth's gravity. Maybe their exoskeleton is made of something besides chitin...actually of course it would be made of something else. But maybe something several times lighter and stronger. Silk composites.
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    we should consider the regions of the planet and its rotation speed. what i mean is that rotation speed (the day/night cycle) on earth dictates we sleep and wake; what about insects? do they have a rhythm? does it fit in with earth?
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    Well, they don't necessairy have to be large physically, they just need enough processing neurons. And it's not hard to envision an insect as large as a cat or dog (I live in NYC and I've seen some HUGE roaches). And insects would need a warm planet. And the revolution rate would depend. If it is a hive-like insect intelligence, it would have to have more daylight. If it is more independent, then probably more night-time.
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