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Speed and time

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    I have very disappointed myself. I am forgot how count time, if car drives example 45 km(kilometre) distance and it's speed is 100km/h ( kilometre per hour). How i know what is time?

    equation is

    t = s/v (t = time, s = distance and v = speed)

    and now equation is

    t = 45km / 100km/h
    t = 0,45h?

    How i know this (0,45h) what is exactly time? Can somebody count this for me? :surprised
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    Do you mean convert this to minutes?

    You have 0.45h, there are 60 minutes to an hour, so 60 * 0.45 = 27minutes.
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    I don't understand your problem. Yes it would take .45 hr or .45hr * 60min/hr = 27min to travel 45km at 100km/h.
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