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Speed Checked by Radar?

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    I've driven down a road that had this sign before, but I don't understand what the process is. My girlfriend who's much more familiar with that road than I am said she didn't understand it either because her mother speeds down that road all the time and never gets a speeding ticket. So what radar is measuring the speed and if someone is on that road speeding then what does the radar do about it?
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    It is just a sign announcing that you can get a ticket via a radar gun on that stretch of road, not that it is monitored 24/7 by radar.

    In some states/areas, there are laws that require the posting of this notice in order for law enforcement to use radar guns as one of their tools.
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    state/city terror tactic
    sign is to get you to slow down

    speed radar cameras are comming
    they do work 24/7/365
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    They're not (currently) legal. The government is free to use them, but the resulting tickets are not legally binding until they are signed by the recipient. As a result, they can send you threatening letters demanding that you come into the station and sign the ticket, but the threats have no teeth. Tickets generated by automated systems can do you no harm unless you're dumb enough to go in and sign them.

    - Warren
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    I bet this varies by state and perhaps even by city.
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    Apparently they are legal in North Carolina...but they don't count against your insurance or DL. I received one there once. For sure the legality varies by state though. I think in most places if they have photo enforcement, they must post a sign indicating it.
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    Here in Virginia we have signs that say "Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft." Never actually heard of it being enforced, though.

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    Camera based tickets are prosecutable in almost all localities, but, also more easily defended than 'live' tickets. A constitutional issue that has not been satisfactorily resolved is the ability to cross examine the 'witness'. The 'big brother' flavor of such tickets makes judges uncomfortable.
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