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Speed Creates Mass?

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    Speed Affected by Gravity

    All objects with mass have gravity. So what if a tiny particle accelerating in a cyclotron cannot reach the speed of EMR because it's gravity is being emitted at that speed? Sort of like the old aircraft designs had trouble piercing the shock wave of a sound barrier. As the particle accelerates the gravity being emitted is more and more compressed creating resistance.

    I know it's a crazy theory and the common belief is that gravity is an affect caused by matter warping space/time around it. Just an idea.
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    Interesting. On a parallel notion, when we consider the mass of a particle to increase with acceleration, we may assign the increase in mass, i.e. energy, as an increase in frequency only. Wave your finger back and forth and keep note of how much of the mass of your finger is located in any (delta x). Now increase your frequency of your waving finger. What happens? More mass/(delta x)/(delta time) incfreases right? Or mass increases per change in velocity increase, i.e. acceleration. You are onto something analogous to the shock wave theory, that everybody did not buy into. Is gravity being emitted, or is the increase in mass simply a distortion of space by the increase in mass and therefore strength of gravity, whether measurable wrt the earth's gravity field or not.

    I do intuit, that the same problem here as that one bothering Newton, "action at a distance", but in accord with modrn quantum mechanics, any model not incorporating nonlocal hidden variables is incomplete. Therfore your problem must include the known implications of QM, which may be correctly stated or not. Thta is up to you to determine.
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