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Speed, Elasticity, Resonance

  1. Nov 17, 2003 #1
    Etc., who wants to consider this problem.

    In the Russian literature there is fable "Swan, Crayfish and Pike" by I.A. Krylov.
    It seems, the arguing of theme "Particle-wave duality on a scale of light frequencies" reminds the same situation.
    I offer to concentrate our attention on electric charge and electric field.
    In "electricity_e.pdf" I briefly have explained the first my ideas for solution of this composite task.
    I appeal to familiarize with the introduced material and to state own opinion on the question:
    What elements of polytron, and what its oscillations are capable to generate electric field?
    Good luck
    http://www.sinor.ru/~polytron/electricity_e.pdf [Broken]
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