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Speed of gravity

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    hey all...does anyone know what the speed of gravity is?
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    Thats funny, I only started going 9 meters per second...per second....persecond...persecond...

    PS I don't know of anyone who has actually achieved a measurement for gravity, itself, but we know it induces accelerations in matter and is probably in the lighspeed (+/- a little bit, maybe) range....

    But do you like our sense(s) of humor?
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    jimmy p

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    if you must know it is slightly slower than the speed of light.
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    No, actually, acceleration x time is the change in velocity, not the velocity itself.
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    Where do you live by the way? 9.0824 [itex]\frac{m}{{sec}^2}[/itex] is a bit low...
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    Mr. Robin Parsons is in charge of keeping gravity within tolerance everywhere. Sometimes he plays with the dials to create mischief.
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    SHHHHHH!!!! (did you talk to Bad ***?)
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    i heard this somewhere that the speed of gravity is instantanious..
    what are your thoughts on this. please forgive the spelling..lol
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    Shyne road? on the left? consider it fixed!
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    Well, normally g is taken to be 9.81 m/s^2. But you might find it to be 9.08 if you go on a high mountain or something, hence my question. :wink:
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