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Speed of light and a black hole

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    What would happen if you were to fly a starship traveling near the speed of light directly into a black hole?

    Would it stay in tact because it cannot be accelerating any faster?

    Or would it split because it's being accelerated in all directions simultaneously?
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    It would disintegrate due to gravitational tidal effects. Traveling at near c would not save it.
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    That would depend on the size of the black hole. For a small black hole, it would be ripped apart (sphagettified) by tidal forces before ever getting to the event horizon. For a large black hole it would be sphagettified some time after it entered the event horizon, also by tidal forces.
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    He's asking whether, at ~c, the craft can spaghettify. And if so, how?
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    Traveling near the speed of light relative to what? The black hole?

    Speed is restricted to no greater than the speed of light- not acceleration.

    Being torn apart means that the pieces are accelerating (and gaining speed) relative to each other. But they start out with 0 speed relative to each other. The fact that the ship is near c relative to the black hole is irrelevant.
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