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I Speed of Light and magnetic fields

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    If the speed of light is ~300 m/s in a vacuum, can the electric and magnetic fields of the wave be condensed such that it travels faster? The idea being that an outside force condenses these fields and lenghtens the wavelenght with no loss of energy thus increasing the directional speed. The medium would not be a vacuum but something else.
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    The speed of light is 300 million meters per second in vacuum. Its speed is invariant, and anything travelling faster than light leads to causality paradoxes. So no, you can't make light travel faster than light.
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    In a medium the speed of light is less than in a vacuum.
    ... which answers the question. However, the invariance of the ##c## is the origin of special relativity theory which is about all other movements.

    As the answer is no and everything else is fantasy, this thread will be closed.
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