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Speed of Light Debunked

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    I can find no more a ridiculous theory that the speed of light is the absolute "speed limit" of any and everything, especially given it's extremely low scale on the ruler of infinity.
    Conceptually, the limit is absurd, and reminds me of horse travellers wondering about airplanes.
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    I agree. Lets just call C=1. :biggrin:
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    unfortunately Palladin, it also puts a limitation on physics and I don't mean this in a negative sense. It just means that this branch of physics whilst entirely valid is only a small step to understanding the bigger picture.

    Maybe in a thousand years our approach to physics will be different. This is possible. But for this way of looking at the physical reality the speed of light as being a universal constant is entirely justified and consistent.
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    Speed of Light Debunked, hold the front page physicsforums.com member "pallidin" finds radical new argument against the constancy of the speed of light, he claims its "ridiculous". Scientists around the world are trying to come to terms with this shocking discovery

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    Sure, I have no evidence to support this contention(hence my posting in Theory) and I certainly understand all the arguments related to it, but I find it of interest that in a previous posting related to this discussion, someone suggested that measurements greater than c are inherently problematic; much like measuring 200 volts with a 100 volt max-scale voltmeter, as was alluded.
    I must admit, that is a good point.
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    Well palladin, your whole argument about being on the ruler of infinity is also quite faulty. Anything is quite small on the ruler of infinity. Non-discrete mathematics isn't a good way to debunk somewhat discrete physics..I mean, any speed is quite small on that ruler. It doesn't mean that we can't use any other speeds in anything mathematical...it jsut means no particles or matter at all will every move faster than photons. You can very well write x= 3*10^26 meters per second on your paper, and there, you measured a faster speed, yet it just wont ever apply to real life.
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    Pallidin, you're absolutely right insofar as the concept in absurd. Nobody would just assume this all! But experiments contradict our common-sense assumptions about the world, and common sense dictates we heed those experiments. Ironic. Besides, why should we expect our experiences at 60 or 70 miles per hour to be anything like reality at light speed?
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