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Speed of light isn't faster

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    I would like to know if there is any logical/mathematical explanation as to why the speed of light cant be greater than c ...

    Have also read a few reports that the speed of light has been reduced, and infact stopped ..how authentic are these reports? and if they are, would other effects, like those of gravitation also slow down? in other words, is 300,000km/s the max speed attainable or the speed of light, whatever it may be is the max speed? and WHY???
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    Since "c" is defined as the speed of light, the speed of light cannot be greater then c. Its like asking if a dog can be more then a dog.

    You can slow down the speed of light to the point of stopping it in its path and it has been done many times. Light slows down as it passes into a new medium and you can infact stop it.
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