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Speed of light

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    In the spinning cylinder room example mentioned in relativity, where the nearest distance between 2 point is actually curved line.. and light take a straight pass right, which is farer than the curved line due to time dilation in the middle of the room due to a smaller acceleration than side of the room, coz of angular momentum,

    THEN if we make a curved accelerator like CERN, wont we be able to break the speed of light even though the particle is slower than light ?
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    In general relativity, "break the speed of light" (be quicker than light at some point, forbidden) is different from "send a signal from A to B which arrives earlier than light sent on some other specific path" (allowed, if the light is sufficently curved in some way).
    The second one needs very special conditions, however. In particular, it needs a big mass to deflect light significantly. Not something we have on earth.

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