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Speed of light

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    Light experiences zero time and zero distance so for a photon it must be here and there at the same instance. As the moment a photon is created it must be at position A and B at the same moment.
    So for a Photon it takes zero time to reach earth from the sun.
    Why do we then see light taking 8 minutes to reach us?
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    This is neither correct nor relevant. See the FAQ: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=511170

    Because the sun is a distance of c*8min away in our frame.
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    We experience 8 minutes, not the light.
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    What do we experience that takes 8 minutes (aside from the fact that it takes 8 minutes for our clock to tick through 8 minutes)?
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    The time that light takes to go from the sun to the earth, as measured in our frame of reference, of course. (Which is what the ticking clock measures.) How long it takes light to go from the earth to the sun in any other frame of reference, including that of light, is not relevant.
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