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Speed of magnetic propagation

  1. Nov 27, 2007 #1
    How fast does the magnetic field propagate from a magnetic source? In a vacuum versus through air, etc.? Does the magnetic field propagate faster from a stronger magnet?

    What is the makeup of a standing magnetic field? Electromagnetic waves or a force field more similar to gravity?
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    I can only say that both electromagnetic waves and gravity fields move at the speed of light.

    i.e. If the sun suddenly stopped existing, the Earth would begin to get out of its orbit at the the same moment it became dark. (About 8 minutes)
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    That's not really an answer to the question whatsoever....
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    Yes it is. Magnetic fields move at the speed of light.
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    See above.
    What does that mean ? It's not even a sentence.


    Don't know.
    Magnetic fields are relativistic apparitions. You can usually transform them away. So not at all like gravity.

    Not polite.

    Look up Maxwell's equations and Relativistic Electrodynamics on Wiki.
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