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Homework Help: Speed of sound in gas

  1. Apr 30, 2004 #1
    Hi all,

    can you pls show me how you rearrange the speed of sound in gas equation from the original equation of:

    v (sound) = sqr of [(gamma * R * T) / M]

    I would like to find M, I tried to rearrange it to the following:

    M = sq of [(gamma * R * T) / v]

    pls kindly correct me with these.

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    square both sides (in algebra you try to treat each side the same way)

    v2 = (gamma * R * T) / M

    multiply each side by M (doing the same thing to RHS and LHS is fair)

    M * v2 = (gamma * R * T)

    divide both sides by v2

    M = (gamma * R * T)/ v2
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    thanks marcus

    thanks Marcus, you're a gem!
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