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Speed of tsunami

  1. Jan 25, 2009 #1
    I was wondering if you could use physics to find the force and magnitude of a wave by using some equations.
    speed = frequency x period,if ferq in Hz,period in seconds
    I know that this equation would work in finding the speed of a wave, but i'm talking about the speed of tsunami and how hard it will hit when hitting a shore.

    There is this german company that tried it and posted bunch of eqations, but i can't read german so i have no clue how they did it. It would be helpful if you can help me one this on.

    German website. http://www.noort-innovations.nl/eindverslag%20definitief.pdf [Broken]
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    As a first approximation a tsunami can be consider a shallow wave (because the wavelength is much larger than the depth of the ocean) and in this case the velocity is proportional to sqrt(g H) where g is the acceleration due to gravity and h is the height of the wave.
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