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Speed Retarding System

  1. Jun 7, 2009 #1
    Hi folks, im new here!

    i am currently trying to design a speed retarding system for a childs pedal gokart. Something that is variable, so that a parent can set the speed the gokart can go before the breaks gently apply.

    i have figured there are two ways to go with this.

    -I do not think the Rpm of the axle will reach anything near high enough to make a centrifugal clutch viable

    -which leaves me with electric motors. Would anyone be so kind as to advise me type/size of motor and maybe a brief description on wiring for this?

    its just a project ive set myself and im needing a bit of a helping hand getting going! :) if you have any other ideas, please advise

    Cheers Guys,

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    Welcome to PF, Simonty.
    Do you have to have the brakes actually apply, or do you merely want it to not exceed a pre-set speed? I'm thinking along the line of adjustable friction pads (essentially 'always on' brakes on the axles), which can be tuned to the child's pedaling ability. Perhaps even some sort of fluid coupling in which the resistance increases with speed.
    Or do you want the child to be able to achieve top speed easily, but not exceed it? That's tougher.
  4. Jun 7, 2009 #3
    Ideally, there would be an adjustable speed, where the top speed can be pre-determined and not exceeded, but increased at the parents discretion. It doesn't need to necessarily apply a brake pad using a caliper, could an electric motor be used just to apply a load to the axle? I figured this would be more easily variable, as you could adjust the rpm the motor kicks in at?

    Really appreciate the help

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