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Speed training - touch typing

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    I switched to the Dvorák keyboard layout on 12/28/06, 4:30pm. I want to see not only how quickly I can match my previous speed (65wpm on QWERTY), but how much I can exceed it by.

    I did not rearrange my keyboard keys, so I never look at them (since only the a and m keys type the letter that's on them).

    I'm interested in forming a mental attack plan to maximize the efficiency/effectiveness of my training. Here's how things have gone so far:

    12/28: 9wpm
    12/29: 13
    30: 17
    31: 21
    1/1: wasn't at a computer
    1/2: barely at a computer, hardly any typing
    1/3: 22
    1/4: 29
    1/5: 30
    1/6: 31

    It really feels like I've hit some sort of barrier, and it's getting to my head. I'm feeling "jumpy" and I'm frustrated, but I am NOT giving up.

    Today I spent time typing while singing along to music in an attempt to reduce my dependency on keeping a "mental picture" of the keys as I type. When I'm doing that, I'm around 22wpm, with about 2 typos per minute. I make even more mistakes while typing a post like this because I'm trying to think about what I'm posting.

    So, does anyone have any practical suggestions? As long as there appears to be interest in my experiment/progress, I'll keep posting my results. :cool:
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    When I switched the thing that won it for me was chatting on IRC. Of course it can be frustrating because by the time you have entered what you wanted to say, the conversation might have moved on slightly, but it gives motivation to be fast and the words are simple.

    I can also suggest a Dvorak switching proggy, there is one called DVAssist which lives in the tray. That works well for work computers. I can also suggest trying the MS Natural 4000, it's a great keyboard for Dvorak typing.

    I can type at 75WPM.

    One more thing, early on I practiced on those ABCD exercises (google for them). I did half of them each day for about 2 weeks.
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    I don't think you'll gain all that much speed over what you had before, probably 10-20 wpm, but the real benefit is the reduced strain. Also you will be able to cruise over difficult punctuation like never before.
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