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Speed up nuclear electronics system

  1. Mar 8, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone,
    First time I join this forum. Nice to meet all of you and hope we would have wonderful time to discuss interesting projects.
    By the way, I have something that some people here may be very interested in.
    I'm a senior in the university of science, Vietnam. I'm working on a nuclear electronics system (NES). NES has a FPGA chip, this chip is programmed by Quartus II 9.0, in VHDL code. And we present the result (histogram, data, ....) by LabVIEW 8.5 software. FPGA is sticked on a board, a XILINX board, and be connected to computer by a rs232-to-usb cable
    My job now is to speed the NES up. does anyone enjoy? would you help me with some advice?
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