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Speed, Velocity

  1. Sep 19, 2007 #1
    Is speed, acceleration and velocity the same?
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    Welcome to PF, Gatorgirl.
    Just to jump-start it: speed is a scalar measurement, which is defined only by its magnitude; velocity is a vector measurement, which is defined by both magnitude and direction; acceleration is a change of velocity, so it applies if either the magnitude or the direction is altered.
    In everyday terms, speed would be something like 100 km/h; velocity would be 100 km/h east; acceleration would be taking a corner or hitting the brakes or gas pedal (brakes would be a negative acceleration, but still an acceleration).
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    Thanks. The website is helpful in explaining it on a very basic level. My textbook is written by UF and it provides few examples.
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    Thank You :)
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