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Spell Check!

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    Mac OS X 10.4, one of its most awesome features is the integrated spell check, almost every where you can type you can spell check, I use it all day all night and love it very dearly.

    I found once that it had named "w00t" incorrectly spelled, however it did have two suggestions: "w00" and "00t." I certainly did not teach it those erm... "words." Anyway, it was interesting to me.
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    Is there a way to turn that feature off? That would quickly annoy me. I turn spell check off every where I find it.
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    What about certain spell-checkers that refer to the style of English you are using, like the American/British systems?

    The spell checker would automatically correct words like "liter" to "litre", "color" to "colour" and suddenly everything you write will turn British :biggrin:.

    Not to mention, cookies wil become biscuits, toilets will become loos, elevators will become lifts, etc.

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    I never use any spell check features, being too used to the old fashioned method of looking things up in the dictionary.

    If you use spell check alot, do you find it leads to never learning how to spell on your own?
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    I use the even older-fashioned method of having learned to spell correctly in the first place. Not that I don't periodically make an error, but I don't need my computer telling me correctly spelled words are misspelled just because it doesn't know them.

    I really do suspect this is true. That, and it seems to lead to more carelessness even among those who have learned to spell.
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    I use spell check all the time, as some times even simple words look wrong
    even if they are spelt right, i know the meaning of words though, it is just
    so annoying when even spell check can not decipher some words i misspell . :grumpy:
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    In which case, if you were using an American spellchecking software, it would probably detect that and correct it to "spelled," which is the "common" way to spell it in America.

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    somehow, i doubt it

    It wouldn't be hard to make a program for Windows or Linux which does that either.... not that i would ever want it, most of what I write on the computer is for school, using words the spell check doesn't know :grumpy:
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