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Sphere in a countersink

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    I need help (in a very simple way) due to calculate the torque needed to let a sphere coming out of a countersink.
    I'll try to explain better my application with the components involved:
    1. a spring that apply a Force F=76.26N (nominal lenght 14mm) at 11.6mm of compression: these values could be variable;
    2. a ball bearing sphere 6.0mm diameter: this is a fixed value;
    3. a countersink of 0.5mm x 45° in a 5.0mm hole (the height and the angle could be variable);
    The spring push the sphere inside the countersink hole.
    The countersink holes are cnc in a coffee milling appliance and I need to know the torque in Nm to let the sphere coming out of the countersink (this is used to avoid problems on the driving motor).
    If needed I can try explain better with a drawing.
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